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Merlin Big Bang Feedback Community

The magic, no longer so secret.

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Artwork by unavee
boxofmagicadmin wrote in boxofmagicfb
Artist: unavee
Medium: Illustration

View the artwork!

Read the accompanying story!

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Hee, what a great scene! The colouring is awesome :D

Thank you! It was the first time I tried coloring like that, and it ended up being pretty fun :]

Hee, aww, the expression on their faces! Love what we see of the background: the shield on the wall, the doors, the helmets. :D

Expressions are so hard for me D: Thank you! I wish I had done more with the background; I liked looking at all the details on the set.

You wouldn't believe what a huge grin I have on my face! I'll admit the biggest reason the big bang managed to entice me into trying my hand at fanfic for the first time was because of the promise of art. And it was so worth it!

The shield! The helmets! Arthur's jawline! Merlin's hand on his hip! the sheer cuteness knows no bounds.

I want to print it out and stick it on my wall so it'll be the first thing I see every morning and I can start every day with a smile.

Thank you so much for taking up the challenge! :D

I'm so glad you like it! Your story had so many cute scenes; I'm glad I got to illustrate one :]

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