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Merlin Big Bang Feedback Community

The magic, no longer so secret.

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Artwork by wheres_walnut
boxofmagicadmin wrote in boxofmagicfb
Artist: wheres_walnut
Medium: acrylic on cold press illustration board

View the artwork!

Read the accompanying story!

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These are so gorgeous! I especially love the two Dragon ones, Merlin, and Gaius, so moody and wintry and making me want cold weather so I could have a steamy hot drink myself. Truly, truly lovely.

omg, these are fantastic. I adore seeing fanart in traditional mediums and it works so well here - Merlin and The Great Dragon is probably my favourite, but they're all amazing. ♥!

Thank you again SO MUCH for this awesome artwork. I love the way you've illustrated the story - I feel as though you've captured the atmosphere and feeling of it perfectly. *hugs*

Really wonderful illustrations! I particularly like the dark and moody Merlin and Arthur in the forest. :)

These are gorgeous. I especially love the Merlin and Arthur in the dark forest one. It feels magical. And I love the coloring, even though they are just shadows you can still *see* the boys there, if that makes any sense. Thank you.

Your artwork is really stunning. It really could hang somewhere in a gallery. I personally like the Arthur and Merlin in the woods best. *g*

Holy hell, the two Dragon pieces and Gauis! So evocative and beautiful. *goes back to ogling*

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Soooo, I've babbled incoherently at you already, but I fear you will have to suffer me for a bit longer still :P

This art is truly tremendous. You've managed to balance the likeness of the characters with a beautiful personal style. The faces in the closeup pieces are so alive and expressive (Arthur's resigned/resolute expression, omg)! The scale of the wider shots is just breathtaking. The giant trees, the villages disappearing in the background of the mountain! And I am in love with the back if tiny!Merlin arguing with the dragon (his annoyed hand-waving, I can just see it!).

Basically, I love it all, and I read Lamardeuse's story first because of it, and the both of you have just left me incredibly happy and in awe.

Thank you for this. So much.

I've no idea why a "Track This" appeared at the top of my comment, please ignore.

Your art is absolutely fabulous. Everything about it work really well together. Seriously amazing art!

This is just beautiful work. I really couldn't pick a favourite but the nighttime scene in Kew Gardens is wonderfully atmospheric and the portraiture is fabulous. Gorgeous.

These are incredible. I love Merlin and the Great Dragon, but I could stare happily at all of them for hours.

Really lovely. Has a dark quality that works well.

Oh, really liked this one. The way the dragon is done is just lovely.

Very beautiful! Thanks! <33

If there is any justice in this world you will make a fine living from your art because these are brilliant and full of life and texture and all kinds of terms I'm not familiar enough with that say that "these paintings are totally brilliant" but in more "artistic" parlance. Beautiful. Thank you for sharing them with us.

Absolutely GORGEOUS!

That is gorgeous - very nice. That was one of my favorite scenes in the story too. (gardens)

Oh - it's taking me back to the same comment page for each piece of art work. I love the dragon one too - nice selection of colors.

Edited at 2009-11-14 03:25 am (UTC)

Really amazing art. Loved them all. Thank you!

This is lovely. really captures some of the mystery of the fic, and beautifully plays with the impressionist effects.

I like the figures, but my favourite is the woods with the torches and the murky light - that fits the arched framing so well, like a victorian painting.

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