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Merlin Big Bang Feedback Community

The magic, no longer so secret.

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Artwork by xenakis_
boxofmagicadmin wrote in boxofmagicfb
Artist: xenakis_
Medium: Photoshop

Notes/Summary: Many thanks to the author for writing such an inspiring story (and with such a lovely cast that I just *had* to draw them all...). Thank you to ptelefolone, my lovely art buddy! Most of all, thank you Yue. The 2AM Chats of Doom was all that kept me going! The concrit and the crack helped this piece see the light of day in equal measures.

View the artwork!

Read the accompanying story!

This is truly stunning -- the bright colors, the forest, the stained glass effect, the really scary beast which I'm sure I'll identify once I read the story. Also, I kind of want to read the story now just to find out who the hot knights are :-)

Ahah! My plan has succeeded, I see! Please do read the fic, there you shall learn that the knight are not only pretty, but also awesomely loyal and quite witty :)

I'm really glad you like the piece!

I love this to bits. I really do. It's just so incredibly epic. ♥

epic fic = epic art. I'm afraid I was powerless to prevent it :P
Thank you for your support though this, dear buddy!

Oh, wow. This is so beautiful I don't even know where to start! The stained glass effect and the attention to detail is stunning, and the colours and the light and the poses and the worg and just, *hands*. Amazing!

*blushes* Thank you! The stained-glass process was tedious, but worth it I think. I'm so glad it worked for you!

I get to tell you once again how very much I love this piece!! And seeing my knights come to life?? Best. Thing. Ever. I especially love how easy it was to identify them - you truly have talent, my dear!

Thank you again for making this scene so real in my head!!

I am so glad to have had the opportunity to work of your fic, I can't even tell you. It just lent itself so well to this sort of heroic depiction. farlights and I felt like the Fates and the knights were already almost framing your story, so we thought it would be great to do the same with our art. I am so glad that you love it!

Oh that's remarkable! It really looks like there's light shining through it. Lovely!

That is the awesome power of lovely photographs of amber and fire and leaves in the sun. I'm really happy you like it!

Wow. This is absolutely gorgeous. The stained-glass effect is stunning, I adore the colours and textures and the composition, and the line-work is fabulous as well. The whole thing is simply incredible - the idea and the execution together make it one of the most interesting and effective pieces of fanart that I've ever seen.

*blushes bright red* Bwee! Thank you for the lovely compliments!

I've posted a few details as well as the b&w linework here, if you want a closer look :P

Mind is blow! The details are too epic for words. I am in awe of your patience and skill. <3

*attempts to put mind back together with crazy glue and stuff* My poor dear, you're gonna need that!

Thank you so much :)

Dude, that is mindblowing work! The composition is wonderful, the colors are beautiful and the textures are so well chosen. Really well done, I can't even imagine how much time it must have taken to put it all together.

Let's see... all in all, probably about 14 hours for the linework (Arthur, you gave me great pains. I'm also looking at you mister worg... There's also a reason why the knights are draped in flowy capes and not intricate armour, dear god), 4 hours of google image search and another 10 of copy-pasting/assembling/tweaking. Charrette weekend it was!

I am really, really glad you like it *beams*

Oh my God, someone please make this for me as an actual stained glass window.

Haha! I pity the poor soul who would have to cut all those pieces... but thank you for the compliment! :)

Oh man oh man oh man. This is really great! What an amazing idea, and you did it so, so well.

I am totally in AWE of this. I have no idea how you made it look so much like the old-style stained glass, and don't tell me - I'm going with the 'magic artistry' explanation. :) Terrific, hon!

Well, I sort of lift the veil on the mystery a little here but, yeah, it's pretty much magic :P

Je suis vraiment contente que tu aimes. Merci!


Really just stunning - what an appropriate choice, and what a lovely and striking composition.


*bows shyly*

Thank you so much!

Wow! This is gorgeous and very creative. I love the stained glass effect. I've been wanting to play with stained glass in a work of my own sometime, but your take on it and technique is very clever and stunning and true to form. Well done. :)

Thank you! And please, carry on with your own experiments. I'd love to see what other people come up with!

Oh, wow. That is just beautiful, and it suits the story so well!

Doesn't it? I love how the knights were sort of framing the story, so I did the same with the art.

I'm glad you enjoyed the piece and the story!

I agree with all these comments - I am in awe of your ability to use a stained glass effect to imitate things like fur, robes, and characters we know!! This is absolutely phenomenal!!

I had a lot of fun deciding what materials I would use as equivalents. For example, the worg's fur ended up as rusted metal, and the knights' robes are actually pictures of poppies and roses. I've explained the process of it a bit here.

Thank you for your lovely comments!