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Merlin Big Bang Feedback Community

The magic, no longer so secret.

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Artwork by yue_ix
boxofmagicadmin wrote in boxofmagicfb
Artist: yue_ix
Medium: Photoshop

View the artwork!

Read the accompanying story!

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AJHDHSJDH thank you for illustrating what is probably my favourite scene in the whole story. GUH. Merlin licking that sword might have broken my brain, and I love the way you displayed Merlin here, the way he's holding the sword in quite a dangerous grip but still can't stop himself. And guuuh, the way his hand is shoved down his breeches. I kind of want to lick right there. *ahem* Well, there and Merlin's throat.

I love the colour-scheme you used for this, all warm shades and perfect for the cover to this type of story. And I love the way the colours reflect off the blade - just, beautiful. I love the entirety of the cover, really - it's funny, it's appealing, and it gives exactly the right impression of what to expect from the story, and, yeah. <3333

Ohh, this is brilliant! The colours are simply gorgeous and I'm completely in love with the way Merlin's posed, looking kinda hurried and desperate and insanely hot. ♥!


You already know how much I love this, darling, but it bears repeating: I LOVE THIS. I love the abandon of the pose and the way the style made it STICKY WITH COLOURS and OMG

Also, I don't care what you say, Merlin totally just burst into flames there. Yes.

Oh wow! I almost feel like I shouldn't be watching this without parental supervision (but this is way to hot to show my parents). *fans self*

Blimey! I have yet to read the story that goes with this but if this incredible artwork is anything to go by I may just spontaneously combust. HOT!

Finally LJ is behaving long enough for me to post my squee! YAY

So so much love for this. So much heat and need in one picture, it's just mind melting. And the cover! I made embarrassing squeaky sounds of joy the first time I saw it and I STILL MAKE THEM EVERY TIME. I didn't think it was possible for my crack 3am summaries to be anything other than crazy lamenes, but somehow you made them work.

Barcode! ISBN! No other fake romance book cover has ever been this awesome, I am sure of it.

Thank you so much for taking up the challenge! :D

This... is kinda hot?
Haha, understatement of the year! Amazing! :D
I think Merlin's hips are my favourite bit.

amazing artwork for that fic!!
you totally had the colors nailed down that scene!



Details: I love the warm colors, the way they echo up and down the sword like reflected fire. Merlin's mouth is sin incarnate. And I love how this is somehow even more sexy because we can't see much skin. The pose is dynamic and open, inviting us to touch. And the way the sword seems to represent Arthur - okay, I just want to lick this picture. A lot.

Also, Merlin's cheekbones. His neck. The laces of his trousers. How the hell did you make this so hot? I would buy this book for the cover, without even reading the back first.

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