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Merlin Big Bang Feedback Community

The magic, no longer so secret.

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They Howl in Dreams of Winter by snarkydame
boxofmagicadmin wrote in boxofmagicfb
Title: They Howl in Dreams of Winter
Author: snarkydame

Summary: An enemy sorcerer invades Merlin's dreams, seeking to foment betrayal and ruin a great destiny.

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I really, really liked this. You did a really good job with the mood, and with setting them so apart. Really great job. I thought the changing povs really worked here, too.

I'm really, really glad! Thank you very much. (and I'm sorry I didn't say so eight months ago!)

I started this and just could not stop. Just amazing and entralling. My eyes were glued to the screen from start to finish - an incredible story :)

This was such an engaging read! I loved how you never let up the sense of urgency from start to finish. Loved it!

I'm so glad! Thank you very much!

Your writing is so beautiful, it made this a real pleasure to read. I like the way you structured it and the transitions between their points of view. Merlin's anguish as he fought for control was so heart-wrenching and I like how you showed the love between Arthur and his other knights - that's something I haven't seen much in other Merlin fics. Wonderful job with the whole thing, thank you so much for writing and sharing.

This was a lovely comment, thank you! I'm so glad you liked it.

This was really well done. I liked how crazed the sorcerer was and how Merlin kept fighting him in his head. Loved that Merlin kept the sorcerer from killing his victims, diverting him so that they were only injured, not killed. Great job.

This had such lovely imagery and I could really feel the mood that you were setting up. I could almost see the caves, and Arthur and Merlin's reactions to what was going on. Plus, it had great banter.

I'm glad you liked it! Thank you very much. (though I should have said so about eight months ago! Sorry!)

i really enjoyed this, Thanks for sharing :)

Thanks for reading! And I'm glad you liked it.

I really liked your story. The imagery, the mood, the harmony of it all... It is just like those dreams Merlin was trapped in: beautiful and scary. *shivers*

I'm just glad you liked it! Thank you!

That was an enjoyable read. Poor Merlin, it felt a bit surreal from his pov, and I felt just as exhausted. I love seeing how much Arthur and him trusted each other. This felt like it could be an ep all on it's own. <3

Thank you. :)

No, thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

I love the tone and, more especially, the temperature you've created in this. I love it when I can feel the weather, and I love stories set in the extreme of the season, be it summer or winter.

Brilliant work.

Me too! (about the weather in stories, I mean) So I'm glad you thought it worked.

Thank you very much!

This was like a really good, very slashy episode. You did a wonderful job with characterization and atmosphere. Really, the landscape and weather was like a fourth main character! Excellent job!

Thank you! I had entirely too much fun with the weather and the landscape. *g*

The imagery you created was beautiful and I really loved how Arthur never lost faith in Merlin despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary - very nicely done =)

Thank you! I'm flattered. (and sorry to be replying so late!)

I really liked this. It was different. A lot of these stories are 'Arthur Finds Out' stories. Which are good, but he already knew and accepted and dealt with Merlin's magic and was keeping his secret in this one and then he had to deal with Merlin's magic being used against him.

I liked that even after everything, Arthur still knew that Merlin would never do anything to him intentionally, would never break that promise.

I'm glad you liked it! And I agree -- the Finding Out stories can be great, but sometimes I just want to see what they're like AFTER that.

I loved this, it had an epic feel to it. Monsters! True love! And the battle of good against evil. Also, you have a sly sense of humor and these characters suit it perfectly.

Wow, I never did get around to answering these comments, huh? I'm glad you liked it!

(Deleted comment)
Great! I like being on people's 'like' lists. Thanks!